MailChimp Subscribe Boxes... Quickly.



"Boxes" Count Unlimited
Multiple Lists Subscription
Optional Sending of Subscription Confirmation
Optional Sending of Welcome Message
Custom "Thank You" Location
Send your subscribers to any URL after their subscription.
Custom "Thank You" Display
Display custom text to your subscribers after their subscription.
Display of List Fields
Include your custom list fields in your subscribe box.
List Interest Groups
Allow selection or assignment of your list interest groups from your subscribe box.
Subscription Notifications
Normally not possible with subscribe box integrations. Send a subscription notification to any address.
Box Design Tools
Simple options to match your subscribe box to your brand and page design.
Pop-Up Overlay Settings (*new*)
Display your subscribe box in a nice overlay that pops up when somebody clicks on content you customize.
Stripe Integration (*new*)
Collect payment at the same time as collecting your subscriber's information. New to Stripe? Check them out here.

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