MailChimp Subscribe Boxes... Quickly.


How It Works

Creating and publishing your FormLead subscribe boxes is a very simple process which allows you to maximze the use of your MailChimp account's features.

When logged in to your account you will see a simple list of your configured "boxes". From here you can easily add/edit a box or jump to the pubishing instructions for a single box.

Adding/editing a box is a very simple process. FormLead will walk you through a few steps where you will choose things like lists, fields, and display settings your box will use. Almost all these settngs are optional so the box can be as simple or advanced as your site demands.

When you are ready to publish your box to your site, FormLead will provide you with three possible code snippets to copy to your site.

Viola! Once copied to your site, you have a fully functional, MailChimp connected, subscribe box.

To get started, FormLead is 100% free.